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Music for babies: the 13 best classical albums

With so many compilation albums out there for babies and young children, let us take the stress out of choosing with our selection of the best. Whether you're looking for relaxing pieces or albums for new-starters in the world of classical music, there's bound to be something to your taste.

General Por: Guillermo Sammartino 06 de diciembre de 2022
Felix Pando Opera

Felix Pando Opera 2

1. Felix Pando & Pando Babies - Mozart for Babies

First baby opera in the world, produced by Felix Pando and recorded with German musicians.

Babies have their most sensitive senses intact, which are developed to a greater or lesser extent according to the type of stimulation they receive.

Instruments such as the music box, the xylophone, the clarinet, the flute, are ideal for them, and even the mother can sing on the "track", and put the baby to sleep with its sound" We know that babies -he explains the singer - prefers the female voice, but they like it even more when it takes on the qualities of their 'mother'”,

Felix Pando is unique in his style, and it should be noted that he was the first to record (in 1984) music for babies!!


2. Classics for Children

With world class performances from the London Symphony Orchestra and London Sinfonietta, conducted by the likes of Charles Dutoit, Karl Münchinger and Sir Malcolm Sargent, this album is anything but a run-of-the-mill baby compilation. And with pieces including Peter and the Wolf, The Carnival of the Animals, and The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, it serves as a fantastic introduction to some great music - no matter how old you are.


3. Baby Mozart

Listening to classical music from a young age is thought to improve concentration and brain power - this is known as the 'Mozart Effect'. So what better than this classical album from Disney, featuring a selection of Mozart's greatest works?


4. Catrin Finch - Lullabies

There are few sounds as soothing as the sound of the harp - and Catrin Finch has enlisted a glittering host of classical stars to perform alongside her on this album. Expect to hear Bryn Terfel, Julian Lloyd Webber, and Aled Jones, performing a wide range of music from Schubert songs to Twinkle, Twinkle.

5. In Utero

We can guarantee this compilation is much more relaxing than Nirvana's 1993 album of the same name. It's designed to be played to babies while they're in the womb, giving them a taste of music by composers including Fauré, Vivaldi, Bloch and Britten as they develop.

6. Eric Whitacre - Water Night

There's plenty of soothing choral music on this album, but if you're looking for music to send a little one off to sleep, Whitacre's setting of the children's tale Goodnight Moon, performed by the ethereal tones of soprano Hila Plitmann, is a stunning musical highlight.


7. My First Orchestra Album

With explosive pieces like Beethoven's Eroica Symphony, this probably isn't the first choice for sending baby to sleep. It is, however, a bit of a classical springboard, setting youngsters up for a lifelong relationship with the world's greatest music.

8. Beethoven for Babies: brain training for little ones

Beethoven's music has a bit of a bad reputation for being stormy and unpredictable. But really, the cover is the most overwhelming thing about this album - it's packed with some fine examples of the composer's best tunes, as well as a few of his lesser-known gems.

9. Hayley Westenra - Hushabye

Performed by New Zealand soprano Hayley Westenra, this is an album of lullabies celebrating the new arrival of the Royal Baby. But it's not just for babies (royal or otherwise) - there's also a selection of soothing music for parents in need of a moment of relaxation.

10. Bach for Babies: fun and games for budding brains

Bach's music has it all: whether you're looking for mathematical precision or beautiful tunes, reflective solo pieces or impressive orchestral forces, this album serves as a helpful introduction to the composer's many talents.

11. Julian Lloyd Webber - Lullabies

The mellow sound of Julian Lloyd Webber's playing is sure to soothe even the most restless of youngsters (and their parents). The album features a selection of classical cradle songs, arranged for cello.

12. Classic FM babies

Perhaps we're a little biased, but if you're looking for a relaxing album, you can't go far wrong with this ultimate collection of music for babies. There's a wide range of tunes too, from Walton's Touch her soft lips and part to Satie's sublime Gymnopedie.


The Royal Scottish National Orchestra released this album in 2012, with the aim of giving a copy to every baby born for an entire year from October to October. It's only available for the lucky few babies born in that period - but there are plans to release the album at a later stage, and the orchestra have set up an email newsletter to help parents and young children enjoy classical music together.

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